How to Participate in Deep Block AI Model Contest

Thank you for registering for our Deep Block AI Model Contest. Here is the instruction on how to submit your project or idea.


Participants can submit an AI model project created in Deep Block or simply submit an idea proposal. You can submit the either of two and it is also possible to submit both. If you wish to submit both, please include the phrase "Submitting both project and idea proposal" in the email.

1. Project Submission

Create an AI model using Deep Block and share the project to the project store.

  • How to create project in Deep Block: (Object Detection)
  • You can check out how to create AI models other than Object Detection models such as Image Segmentation, Style Transfer, and etc. on our YouTube Channel and our blog
  • How to share project in Project Store: Right-click the project in console and click "Upload to Project Store"
  • After sharing, please send us an email including the team, project information and a short description of the project to the below email address.
  • Must Include: Deep Block account email, name of team representative, phone number of team representative, project name created in Deep Block, link to shared project in project store, short description of project
  • link to shared project in project store is the link you can get by sharing your project to the project store and clicking the shared project in the project store.

2. Idea Proposal

If you have any ideas for AI models or features that are not currently supported by Deep Block, please email us your proposal.

  • Format: free-style, PDF
  • Must Include: Deep Block account email, name of team representative, phone number of team representative
  • Send to:


Collecting Images

When you collect images for AI model training, you can google or use a free image database like below.



  1. Service is not working due to a bug.
  2. How many boxes will I need to identify one class in Object Detection project?
  3. How many bounding boxes will an Object Detection AI model need to detect objects?
  4. For Image Segmentation, how many polygons do I need to draw for each category for the model to detect the object?
  5. For how many epochs should I train for Object Detection and Image Segmentation models?



If there are any other inquiries, please use the below link.

We will be waiting for your novel projects and ideas!