[TUTORIAL] Facial Expression Recognition

This is a tutorial article explaining how to use facial expression recognition application in Deep Block.

We will try detecting different types of emotions that are shown in images of faces.

  1. Sign in, and click “TRY DEEP BLOCK” button on the top right corner.
  2. At the Console page, click “Create” button on the top right corner.
  3. Click Computer Vision and Click Facial Expression Recognition. Set the Project Name as “demo” and click “Create a Sample Project”
  4. Open the project at the console page. You will see that there are already pictures prepared for the sample project.

    You can also add more pictures by dragging and dropping to the data pane.
  5. Click the "Predict” button on the top right to start the inference. It may take a few minutes for it to run.

    If you see the loading sign, it means it started running correctly.

  6. After it is done running, you will get a notification that the prediction is finished.
  7. You can see the result by clicking file names in the data pane. You can see the emotions of the face in each picture by clicking the bounding box generated by Deep Block. Remember that AI is not 100% correct. It may also not recognize the face sometimes.
  8. If you have a problem, don’t hesitate and contact us for help.



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