Recent Trends in Small Object Detection

Recently, we have been conducting research on small object detection in high-resolution imagery.

Although we specialize in high-resolution imagery, detecting an object that is clearly visible when zoomed in and detecting an object that remains small even after zooming (meaning that is shows poor resolution)  are totally DIFFERENT problems. For this second case, we have to rely on what is called Small Object Detection, and here we present some recent trends.

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Augmenting Human Intelligence

A better way to think of AI is as Augmented Intelligence that enhances human intelligence and transforms the way humans work.

Artificial Intelligence is often conceptualized as a technology that replaces humans and displaces workers from their jobs, and there are fears that AI will lead to a large scale loss of jobs and loss of liberties. While these fears are not entirely unfounded, the outcomes of the current AI revolution will depend very much on the design decisions that we take when we integrate these technologies into our work and our lives.

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What is AI and How Do We Use it

In the last decade, artificial intelligence has captured our collective imaginations… and investors’ wallets. The core ideas for today’s AI started to gain acceptance in the 1950’s, and the industry went through several funding cycles in the 70’s and 80’s. Yet, it was only ten years ago when computers, specifically the GPU’s in them, became powerful enough to run AI software to get useful results.

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