Why You Should Use Deep Block AI Platform

Why should you use our Deep Block AI platform? Here's why.

  • Designed for non-IT Professionals: Even no-code AI tools that use block coding approach such as Scratch require knowledge in Deep Learning to build AI models. However, we offer task-oriented AI model development tools. Users can simply choose the task type and we support built-in AI model for each task. 
  • Computer Vision Specialized: Deep Block was originally developed for image analytics for large-volume, high resolution aerial photography. Deep Block offers various computer vision AI models that are modern, industry level AI models.
  • High-Resolution Image Analysis: Deep Block supports high-resolution images that are not provided by most image analytics or no-code AI model development tools. This requires a powerful GPU as well as complex image pre-processing technique. This is very useful for high-resolution images such as aerial or satellite images.
  • Provide AI Education: We also offer educational contents such as AI courses. Along with Deep Block, users will be able to understand the lecture contents better.
  • Web-browser based: Our Deep Block AI platform can be accessed from anywhere around the world via internet
  • API service: We offer API service for those who want to develop their own software or application using the AI models in Deep Block. This may be useful for IT professionals and enterprises that want to build AI in cost-effective way.
  • Custom Application (especially for Enterprise): We provide customization service for enterprise customers, such as custom AI model, model optimization, consultation, and etc. Please let us know if you are interested.
  • Machine assisted annotation: We support AI-based, semi-automatic annotation (labeling) to increase work efficiency.
  • Concurrent annotation: Deep Block provides the function to share AI projects with other people and perform annotation concurrently.

Example AI models built with Deep Block

  • White Blood Cell Detection
  • Hair Segmentation
  • Traffic Sign Detection
  • Boreal Digging Frog Detection
  • Car Detection from Aerial Images

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