Why You Should Take Deep Block Courses

We recently released two courses: Introduction to Python and Introduction to Deep Learning. Among many online courses, here is why you should take our courses.

Why Deep Block AI Education?

1. Our courses are developed by real AI engineers who graduated from the best universities around the world and have experience in implementing complex real-world AI systems. Learn practical skills that are applicable to your project, work, etc. right away!

2. No difficult math, computer science theories. 

3. We offer a course for complete beginners in programming (Introduction to Python)

4. Compact size: 12 lectures per course

5. We also provide Deep Block which is an AI tool and a practice environment for students who want to conceptually understand how AI models work before actually implementing them.

6. Web browser-based: Our education website and AI platform can be accessed from anywhere in the world via internet.

7. Create and build your own portfolio! Through our courses, you will be able to build custom AI models. You can build your portfolio by creating novel AI models of your choice, which can be very helpful for applying to jobs or schools.

8. We use real-world datasets. By using real-world datasets that are used in industry or academia, we help learners become more interested and enthusiastic about learning AI skills.


We provided our service to government organizations as well as universities.

  • Korea SMEs and Startup Agency (KOSMES): It is the Korean government organization that supports SMEs in Korea. We are providing AI technology education program for SME founders in Korea funded by KOSMES.
  • Hanyang University: We have provided AI education program to Hanyang University, a renowned university in Korea. The client is a university lab, and we developed AI-powered ECG data analysis application for them, and their researchers also learned the basics of AI from us through our AI education program.

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